Core Competencies

Integrated Capabilities, for Full-Scale Manufacturing

Biomerics uses a fully vertically integrated approach to manufacturing endoscopic devices. Our 8 core competencies work seamlessly with one another to produce today’s medical device products.

Injection Molding

Biomerics operates over 40 molding machines for small and larger molded components or handles design. Our molding cleanrooms are ISO 13485:2016 certified.


Biomerics specializes in developing innovative, custom medical-grade polyurethanes to solve many of the unique applications required by the medical device industry. We know and understand the specific details of manufacturing a material that performs within various medical devices.

Balloons & Balloon Catheters

We manufacture more than 20,000 balloons each week and play an integral role in designing and developing medical balloons and balloon catheters used in medical procedures.


Biomerics produces thermoplastic extrusions that meet the most precise specifications. From single lumen, dual or multi-lumen tubing, including co-extrusions, jacketing, and tapered, our team of professionals helps move the needle to manufacture quality products.

Laser Processing

Our Laser processing capabilities include laser welding, laser cutting, and laser marking of metal and plastic components using state-of-the-art laser technologies including Nd:Yag, Fiber and Femtosecond.

Shafts, Sheaths, & Steerables

We specialize in the design, development and the production of medical devices. Our services include braiding, coiling, steerable and deflectable configurations, including SMART catheters.


Our portfolio of machining includes vertical and horizontal milling machines, turning machines, lathes, routers and grinders. Each machining capability comes with precision, repeatability, and an ability to scale production as needed.

Assembly, Packaging, & Sterilization

We have the ability to see a product through from design and development into production, to complete packaging, sterilization management, and distribution. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a one-stop, hassle-free contract manufacturing source for our customers.

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